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Indonesian Charcoal Factory

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Indonesian Charcoal Factory – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) noted that Indonesia’s coal reserves reached 37 billion tons in 2018. Of the total reserves, Giri Mera Charcoal Factory is included as one of the biggest coal producers and exporters in the republic.

The total production realization (with dozens of other coal companies) as of August 2018. Was 174.2 million tons from the planned 300 million tons, while exports reached 121 million tons from the target of 231 million tons.

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Meanwhile, the mineral and coal sub-sector (mineral and coal) is still a significant contributor to state revenue. Recorded until June 2018, flows of Rp 20.1 trillion to the state treasury originating. From royalties, mining product sales, and fixed mineral contributions.

Indonesia is estimated to still dominate the coal export market in the next few decades. Far above other exporting countries such as Australia and Russia.

Based on data from IHS Markit, Indonesia is predicted to be the largest coal exporter until 2050. The volume has the potential to remain above 300 million tons per year.

Indonesia as the Best Charcoal Factory in the World

In terms of quality, coal with a lower middle calorie is still a mainstay of Indonesia with a percentage of around 90% of the total coal exported. The rest is high calorie coal.

Some countries are estimated to still be the main customers of coal from Indonesia. Such as China, India, Japan and South Korea, Vietnam is predicted to be one of the countries. With the greatest need for coal imports in the long run in line. With the massive plans to build a steam power plant there.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association, Pandu Sjahrir. Said the development of renewable energy would be more widespread throughout the world. The price will be more competitive with the energy produced from coal.

However, he considered coal would still be one of the primary primary energy choices. This is indicated by the demand for coal in several countries that will still increase in the long run.

Someday renewable energy will indeed be as cheap as coal. That is not a problem because coal and renewable energy can stay together for the long term.

The Best Charcoal Factory in Indonesia

Among the many charcoal producing companies, why is it necessary to choose Giri Mera? It is because Giri Mera provides the best charcoal products in Indonesia. Indonesian Charcoal Factory is located right in Banjarmasin. As we know Banjarmasin is the biggest Halaban tree producer. That’s why the best charcoal is certainly produced by Giri Mera, as an Indonesian charcoal factory.

Quality is the number one thing we strive for. Every month we can produce 400 tons of Halaban charcoal best to meet customer needs. We do not play in producing charcoal for customer satisfaction. Our happiness is to satisfy customers by providing good quality charcoal.

The large amount of production must be in harmony with the quality provided, that is the key to our company. So don’t hesitate to ask about the types of charcoal we can produce and consult your needs with us.

Giri Mera also supports the government in increasing the production of charcoal for domestic needs. We believe that both exporting and domestic needs must be balanced. Providing adequate supplies for domestic needs is also a proof of our love for Indonesia. So, if you want to find the best quality charcoal, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. +62 812 5033 7500

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