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Indonesian Charcoal Exporter, The Benefits Of Charcoal And The Relation

Indonesian Charcoal Exporter – Although technology is increasingly sophisticated and world civilization has begun to develop rapidly, we cannot be separated from the things that are called traditional things. No need to go far, take charcoal as the simplest example. We cannot be separated from charcoal when we want to do fuel-burning activities. Maybe we can use a stove, but the taste we get is certainly different from the use of charcoal as a burning medium, right?

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The Benefits Of Charcoal

Now, speaking of charcoal, it turns out that this black object has many benefits for those of us who want to process it. Whether it’s for beauty or for health. This time we will give you tricks on how to use charcoal for beauty and health that you have never thought of before. What are those?

  1. Teeth Whitening

Maybe it’s a little weird when you know that charcoal can whiten your yellowed teeth. Apparently, the objects produced from burning wood contain alkali which can make the surrounding environment become alkaline. These alkaline levels can help the process of cleaning and whitening teeth.

The alkali content in charcoal turns out to be able to whiten teeth. Yes! your smile is more confident.

The way is easy enough. Mash the charcoal until smooth, then mix with toothpaste in a ratio of 2: 1. Well, after that pour in a toothbrush, and start rubbing as usual. For the record, no need to use toothpaste is not a problem.

Besides being useful for whitening teeth, charcoal can also make your bad breath go away. By rinsing with charcoal powder that has been dissolved in water. Simple, right? Initially your teeth will look all black, but after you rinse, you will get clean white teeth.

  1. Fragrant Body Odor

Have a problem with your annoying body odor? Relax, make a scrub from the charcoal stick.

Never mind bad breath, just your body odor can disappear only with charcoal! Do not believe? Try mashing the charcoal until it’s slightly smooth, resembling a scrub. Use the charcoal powder throughout the body, before bathing. Yes, like using ordinary scrubs. For results, no need to hesitate anymore. Your body odor is gone instantly!

  1. Facial Treatment

The charcoal mask was also good for facial treatment. Satisfying results at low prices.

For you who have lots of acne in your face, you can end your bad face career with charcoal, you know. With a charcoal mask, you can reduce pimples and black spots on your face.

The method is very easy, just puree the charcoal and mix it with aloe vera. Mix well. After that, apply on your face, and wait for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with clean water.

Use this charcoal mask regularly, at least once every two days for satisfying results.

  1. Healthy Benefits

By mixing charcoal powder and water, various diseases can be cured. Charcoal, a small object with millions of benefits.

  • Besides being beneficial for beauty, it turns out that charcoal has other benefits for health. Detoxification or disposal of poisons, for example. Activated charcoal can eliminate toxins that are not needed in the body, such as from food and air pollution. This pollution can cause damage to body cells, imbalanced immunity, premature aging, and skin allergies.
  • Activated charcoal can also save you from flatulence and prolonged diarrhea, you know! Flatulence and diarrhea due to wind or certain foods, you can relieve your pain with charcoal. The decomposition process of bacteria in the body that causes bloating or diarrhea can be neutralized with activated carbon in the charcoal.
  • With charcoal tablets, you can free up cholesterol and your heart disease problems. By consuming charcoal tablets that have been rife for sale at pharmacies, you can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, heart, liver, and brain. From medical research that has been done, states that activated charcoal can reduce at least 25% cholesterol levels. And also help prevent hardening of the heart (sclerosis) and coronary arteries.

Well, those are some of the benefits of charcoal that would have never occurred to us before. So, believe, right, that little black object can provide many benefits?

In addition to the benefits above, charcoal also turns out to be the most sought-after export commodity, especially by Middle Eastern countries. And among the many exporters, Giri Mera is the most trusted Indonesian exporter producing Halaban charcoal, the best charcoal in Indonesia. So, if you want to find the best quality charcoal, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. +62 812 5033 7500

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