Hardwood Charcoal Indonesia to Middle East

Hardwood Charcoal Indonesia to Middle East

Hardwood charcoal Indonesia is one of the non-oil and gas export commodities made from wood-based materials. The wood charcoal is widely used as fuel for cooking purposes both for household, restaurant. Giri Mera is one of the companies that is able to supply Hardwood Charcoal Indonesia to many countries in the world.

Because of its good quality, Saudi Arabia even imported Indonesian wood charcoal worth US $ 197.8 thousand. This transaction was carried out after a Saudi Arabian importer visited one of the hardwood charcoal factories in South Kalimantan.

hardwood charcoal indonesia

The factory is indeed one of the producers of wood charcoal that actively participates in exhibitions initiated by ITPC Jeddah. This company has long produced international standard wood charcoal. The Saudi Arabian importer conducted a survey and field visit to see the charcoal processing factory facilities, storage areas and packaging.

Because the process of making charcoal has followed international standards. The Saudi Arabian businessman was immediately interested in importing hardwood charcoal Indonesia with monthly delivery of 40 High-cube (HC).

ITPC Jeddah gets a lot of requests from hotel and restaurant entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia about the wood charcoal commodity. The demand will increase even more during Ramadan, because the people of Saudi Arabia still maintain the traditional way of cooking.

Benefits Of Hardwood Charcoal Indonesia

  • Inhibitor of anticancer substances in the human body. Recent research, charcoal is transformed into an anticancer agent on the human body. This delivery system is more effective for the elimination of cancer and tumors and without side effects.
  • Charcoal is proven to be anti-aging and extends the life of 40% of experimental animals. That’s because charcoal maintains the body’s sensitivity from chemicals and poisons that damage body cells. Charcoal also balances fat metabolism, decreases the performance of protein synthesis that triggers aging, decreases RNA, inhibits arteriosclerosis and fibrosis. The recommended dosage of 30 grams per day is taken 2 times a week on an empty stomach.
  • Reducing cholesterol levels. A number of patients with high cholesterol who were given the consumption of 8 g of charcoal per day fell 25% of total cholesterol. 41% of bad LDL cholesterol (low density lipo-protein), and doubled the ratio of HDL/LDL cholesterol. That’s because the charcoal absorbs the heart block and launches coronary blood circulation. The trick, before mash the charcoal until smooth then mix with about 2 cups of water, then boil until it becomes 1 cup and then drink.
  • Toxic absorbent. Activated charcoal powder is one of the most effective drugs for stopping diarrhea. Activated charcoal powder may be used alone or in combination with drugs containing kaolin to stop diarrhea. In addition to eliminate toxins in dishes for those who are allergic to seafood, bias can be done by inserting sterilized charcoal into cooking.
  • Material for making clothes, blankets etc. Charcoal is able to release ultra-infrared rays that warm the body. It improves blood circulation, releases negative ions which balance energy in the body, and works on the parasympathetic system as a calm mind and body. Charcoal threads are antimicrobial, absorb odors better, and dispel radiation from electromagnetic waves that destroy cells.
  • Fertilizer/fertilizer plant. Charcoal converts water trapped in the soil into mineral water because it binds to charcoal minerals. Charcoal also binds to nutrients in the air such as nitrogen which causes the pH in the soil to remain neutral. Besides being rich in mineral charcoal is also antibacterial and several types of plant-fertilizing acids.

The Advantages Of Charcoal From Firewood

  • Faster to become embers, compared to firewood.
  • Don’t cause too much smoke.
  • The combustion process will be faster, if compared to using firewood.
  • The price is affordable.

With all of these benefits and advantages, is it worth it to increase the interest of Indonesian hardwood charcoal?

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