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Our unique trait that is different from other Halaban Charcoal is the peat from our red soil. Since we produce it traditionally by using the earth as the kiln, the charcoal produced soaks the peat from the red soil. Giving it a distinctive smoky flavor that is uniquely Giri Mera.

Hi friend,

Thank you for trusting Giri Mera in your needs, I hope that we can be a long time business partner and friend. To help get to know each other better, I provide some Frequent ask Question (FAQ) about our company. If there is anything that you would like to know more, feel free to contact us on our number!

Warmest Regards,

Herman Dinata
Owner of Giri Mera


Who are Giri Mera?

Giri Mera is trading company owned by PT. Giri Giri Mera. The company itself is relatively new though but the people running it have been in the charcoal industry since 2000, almost two decade now!

Who buys from us?

We sell mostly to trading companies, but we also provide to Supermarket, Direct Distributors and smelting industries.

What product did you sell?

Giri mera focuses on High Quality Halaban / Alaban Charcoal of different type and sizes. However we also provides industry-grade charcoal for smelting.

Can you provide a specific type of quality charcoal for me?

Yes, we provide different type of charcoal as per requested by our partners. Even a different type of charcoals, feel free to Contact Us.

Do you sell briquette?

We are working on it right now! Feel free to ask us about it, so we can update you once our production is up and running.

What is your monthly capacity?

Our current capacity is 400 tonnes per month for High Quality Halaban / Alaban Charcoal. And we sometimes increase it if needed by our partners.

What kind of payment do you accept?

Currently we accepted only Telegraphic Transfer (we are working on other easier payment)

How long is the work in progress?

Giri Mera always have charcoal in stock, so for an order of up to five containers. We can ship it within 2 – 5 days after the initial down payment is accepted.

An order of higher than that might require one month to process. For a custom packaging, you can add the lead time of processing the packaging first.

How long is the Telegraphic Transfer received?

Usually we received it in 3 to 7 business days (excluding holiday in both Indonesia & sender country).

How do we contact you?

Feel free to contact us here (Contact Us)

Why you do not reply fast?

We try to reply as soon as possible, however due to time differences, sometimes we received messages during off hour.

Why the quality is different as promised?

This is a rare occurence, but the quality might drop during the shipping process due to moving the goods around. We are sorry that this happened, but we have anticipated it by providing a higher quality than expected. Hence even after the rough process of shipping, it will be still of High Quality Halaban Charcoal.

Why you don’t accept LC?

The cost it incur can be quite high, hence often avoided by both parties. However if you require LC we can help by making it happened. However we might have some price adjustments, feel free to Contact Us

Can you deliver first and accept payment later?

We are sorry that we cannot do that.

Can you provide a Certificate of Origin?

Yes, we will provide this to help you with the documents needed.

Can I come and visit your warehouse?

Yes of course! We would be honor to have a friend to visit us. We can provide accommodation and take you to our warehouse and drive around for some city tour. We suggest at least two days and one night for our humble town.

Can you provide custom packaging for us?

Yes, most of our partners ask this of us, and you should too! We usually requires the packaging design and details from our partners, we will then show it to our trusted partner to get a price and pass it down to you as it is. We can help our partner to design it too, but sometimes it takes too much time to get it.

Where is your company located?

We are located in the Banjarmasin where Halaban tree grows. Hence we can provide a higher quality Halaban Charcoal at a good price.

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