Best Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer

Best Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer

Best Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer – The coal company PT. GIRI GIRI MERA diversified its business after acquiring two coal mining companies some time ago. This business diversification, in addition to focusing on coal or thermal coal, also on coking coal or coking coal.

A year ago, Giri Mera began acquiring the coking coal mining company and Australian coal mining company BHP Billiton. Giri Mera’s Managing Director Mr. Mera said this step was a form of Giri Mera’s diversification from other coal companies. This company used to focus only on existing thermal coal and is used for power generation, cement, and soon. The point is that thermal coal is taken from heat for energy.

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As for coking coal, it is used for the steel industry. So with this development, Giri Mera Energy can become a supplier of coking coal for the steel industries in Indonesia. The businessman, said that the other reason was to develop the coking coal business. Namely, because in the region of South Kalimantan found reserves of world quality coke coal.

Previously, Giri Mera’s Head of Corporate Communication Mr. Mera said, since 2018 specifically for coking coal production. It is targeted to be around 1 million tons. There has been no additional production compared to last year, and also for the upcoming 2019.

Coking coal was an important material for steel making. Therefore, this coking coal will be exported to Middle East, Europe and Japan and more Countries. In fact, there are also for domestic needs. Giri Mera Director Mr. Mera said, for the development of coking coal, the company prepared 40 percent of the company’s total capital expenditure, or worth 100 million US dollars – 150 million US dollars. The funds derived from internal cash will be used for the development of the asset infrastructure and exploration.

Cooperation Of Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer With Middle East

Mr. Mera also explained that the acquisition of countres of Middle East mining company. Was carried out to bring about a reciprocal relationship between Middle East and Indonesia. Our vision is that one day we will learn from an Australian mine which is already more advanced than us from an operational standpoint. On the other hand, anything we can contribute, from our CSR experience can be contributed charcoal in Middle East.

For your information, in March 2018 Giri Mera and EMR Capital, a private equity management company in the mining sector, signed a binding agreement to acquire 80 percent of Rio Tinto’s shares in the Kestrel coke coal mine (Kestrel). The acquisition value of Rio Tinto’s shares in the Kestrel coking coal mine is 2.25 billion US dollars or equivalent to Rp 30.91 trillion (assuming an exchange rate of Rp 13,741 per US dollar).

Later, Giri Mera and EMR will jointly manage and operate Kestrel by utilizing EMR’s experience in acquisitions and mining operations. In 2016, Giri Mera Best Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer. Also acquired 75 percent of the IndoMet Coal Project (IMC) from BHP Billiton with a value of 120 million US dollars. The IMC consists of seven CCOWs located in South Kalimantan with a total resource of 1.27 billion tons. After being acquired, the asset was named Giri Mera Companies.

5 Reasons Why Should Buy Charcoal From Indonesia

5 Reasons Why Should Buy Charcoal From Indonesia

Buy Charcoal From Indonesia – Indonesia is currently listed as the largest coal exporter in the world. Around 80% of coal dredged from the bowels of the earth is sent to a number of other countries such as Middle East, India, Japan and Europe.

The high coal export is due to the low absorption of coal in the domestic market. For example, out of 400 million tons of coal produced, domestic needs are only 65 million tons.

As a result, even though it only occupies the position of the third largest coal production, Indonesia is able to hold the title of topnotch exporter of coal in the world.

Like supermarkets, all types of coal from low to high quality exist in Indonesia. Indonesia’s strategic position also makes buyers more comfortable buying coal from Indonesia because shipping costs are cheaper.

Buy Charcoal From Indonesia

Reasons To Buy Charcoal From Indonesia

  1. Have Adequate Coal Reserves

According to experts, the amount of coal resources in Indonesia is around 168 billion tons, while proven reserves are 28 billion tons.

  1. Spread Location

The largest coal mining location in Indonesia is between South Kalimantan. The rest is a little in Sumatera , Sulawesi , Irian Jaya , a little in Java.

  1. One Of The Largest Coal Producers

In this world there are only 5-6 countries that produce coal. The first largest is Middle East with 3.6 billion tons, but all of them are used domestically because they have huge needs.

In second place, the United States produced around 800 million-1 billion tons. Production is mostly used domestically, only a few are exported. Third Indonesia has a production level of 400 million tons, but most of its production is exported.

So Indonesia, why is it said that the biggest exports are not production. We are noted as the largest thermal coal exporter. Australia has the biggest cooking coal.

  1. Its Location Is Near

Actually, the superiority of Indonesian coal is not quality but proximity, Indonesia is very close to the growing breath of Asia, they easily buy quickly. Incidentally the quality trend is also medium to lower, cheaper prices so demand is fast,

  1. Coal Supermarket

It’s own weakness is because the quality of Indonesian coal is like a supermarket, from the best to the worst there. The most middle to poor quality. If Australia is consistent in medium and good calorie coal production, the price is above.

The disadvantage in Indonesia is that if someone asks for high quality, we don’t have a large quantity. Although many countries want to buy charcoal from Indonesia, export restrictions are imposed. The restriction must not be taken negatively and the government can do this.

Arrested by people who want to expand their production this year to 40 million tons, next year they want to produce 50 million tons, just hold 42 million tons, so that demand is high and prices will increase and this is one of the things we plan to do at the Global Coal Summit, how do we outsmart? this situation.

Export restriction policy will also have many benefits because it is related to the law of supply and demand. If too many are thrown into the market the price will definitely continue to be low. So we need this limitation, so that more and more countries are buying charcoal from Indonesia.

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