Charcoal BBQ Suppliers Indonesia

Getting To Know The Types of Charcoal BBQ Suppliers

The meaning of the provider does not only refer to the seller of a product. Providers can also be concluded as a source of product production. Speaking of charcoal BBQ suppliers Indonesia, did you know that charcoal BBQ can be produced from various kinds of wood?

Charcoal is a dark buildup containing sullied carbon created by expelling water substance and unstable segments (substances found in plants or creatures) from plants. Charcoal is by and large acquired by warming wood, sugar, bones and different articles. Dark, light, effectively demolished and charcoal-like charcoal comprises of 85% to 98% carbon, the rest is cinder or other substance objects.

hardwood charcoal indonesia

Types of Charcoal BBQ

  1. Wood charcoal; is charcoal made from wood. Wood charcoal is the most widely used for cooking purposes as previously explained. While the use of other wood charcoal is as a water purifier, use in the health sector, and many more. The wood used to make wood charcoal is wood that is still healthy, in this case, decayed wood.
  2. Sawdust Charcoal; is charcoal made from sawdust that is burned. Sawdust is usually easy to get at sawmills or wood works. sawdust is a waste of production that is rarely used again by the owner. So the price is fairly cheap. in addition to fuel, sawdust charcoal is usually used to mix fertilizer and can be processed into charcoal briquettes.
  3. Rice husk charcoal; commonly used as fertilizer and raw material for charcoal briquettes. The husk used can be obtained at the rice mill. Besides being used for charcoal, rice husks are also often used as bran for cattle fairs. Husk charcoal can also be used as a mixture of fertilizer and planting media in the nursery. This is because rice husks can absorb and store water as food reserves.
  4. The charcoal from Coconut Shell; based on the name we could conclude that the charcoal made from coconut shell. The use of charcoal usually for the business sector. In Indonesia, ordinary people don’t use it for daily life. In addition to being used by burning directly, coconut shell can be used as a basic ingredient of charcoal briquettes.
    Coconut shell that will be made into charcoal must be from old coconut. Because it is denser and has a smaller water content than a young coconut. The selling price of coconut shell charcoal is quite high. Because in addition to high quality, to get a coconut shell is also fairly difficult and the price is quite expensive.
  5. Charcoal briquettes; the last type of charcoal that is widely available in the community is Charcoal Briquettes. Charcoal briquettes are charcoal made from other types of charcoal that are crushed first then printed as needed with starch mixture. The purpose of making charcoal briquettes is to increase the burn period and to save costs.
    Charcoal that is often used as charcoal briquettes includes chaff charcoal, sawdust charcoal, and litter charcoal. The charcoal is too small to be used immediately and will run out quickly. So it will last longer if converted into charcoal briquettes. For coconut shell charcoal can be used as charcoal briquettes, but only the shell has been crushed. While the shell is still intact does not need to be used as charcoal briquettes.
  6. Mahogany rind; is charcoal based on the mahogany rind. When seen in plain view, the mahogany rind has a hard and dense texture. Unfortunately, if only left stacked around the page. Mahogany rind charcoal is processed using a drum furnace, as well as wood charcoal. This type of charcoal can also be processed into charcoal briquettes. Charcoal produced from the mahogany rind is also proven to have fairly good quality. If burned only emits a little smoke. The heating value generated when burned is very high and more durable so that it can save costs.

Of the six types of charcoal BBQ suppliers, which one do you think is most suitable for your needs? Whatever your needs, make sure Giri Mera is your choice! Please visit for further explanation and complete information about BBQ charcoal Indonesia.

Charcoal Exporters In Indonesia At 2019

Charcoal Exporters In Indonesia At 2019

The Condiction Of Charcoal Exporters In Indonesia At 2019

Charcoal Exporters In Indonesia – In the midst of uncertain foreign market conditions and making coal prices down by as much as 20%. Since the beginning of 2019, this commodity is still a mainstay in the country.

Based on the National Energy General Plan, coal is not only a source of national income. But development capital to meet domestic needs. The use of coal for domestic needs continues to be increased in this portion. Domestic allocation is prioritized to power domestic power plants.

So, Indonesian charcoal exporters don’t need to worry about the decline in export demand. Because by 2025, domestic coal demand is estimated to increase 30% of Indonesia’s total energy needs.

Indonesian Charcoal Exporters

The use of coal for electricity can drive GDP. The data is that every 1 Kwb of electricity consumption can contribute to GDP of US $4 to US $5.

5 years ago, coal was a mainstay of exports, but from 2011 to 2017 slowly took precedence for domestic markets. Where the 2019 target would reach 60% of the market. The DMO indirectly boosts the domestic market. Which can be seen from the amount of Indonesia’s coal exports which has dropped to 14% per year.

In fact, the government plans to control production from 2015 to 2019. With a target of using only 400 million tons in 2019. However, production is precisely 528 million tons last year. This huge consumption if it were not for the country would be useless. For that since the beginning of the year the government emphasized the DMO scheme. So that coal sales would be focused domestically.

Reference Coal Prices Drop

Even so the reduced export market demand for coal supply has an impact on coal price movements this month. Noted, the current price of coal has dropped to US $ 81.86 per ton. Or decreased by US $ 6.99 per ton compared to the previous price of US $ 88.85 per ton. This price continues the downward trend since the end of last year.

Responding to this, the Executive Director of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association Hendra Sinadia explained. The price decline that occurred in the last two months was basically triggered by the decline in global coal. Coal index due to the impact of the hampered Australian coal exports in China.

But for the price of medium and low calorie coal, since mid-February gradually strengthened. Because the majority of Indonesian coal is low-middle-calorie. The price tends to strengthen, so that entrepreneurs can still breathe a sigh of relief.

However, it does not mean that entrepreneurs will immediately calm down. Because in the future there will still be concerns that the price for two calories can be suppressed.

To deal with this, it needs efficiency. Moreover, it is likely that the government will loosen coal production. In addition, coal entrepreneurs felt the need for support from the government. In order to review the stipulation of special coal price capping for supply to the state electricity company.

Charcoal Is The Best Solution

However, charcoal is currently the best solution as a substitute for coal. Indonesia is one of the biggest exporters in the world. In addition, Indonesia is also able to export charcoal to many countries around the world.

That is a glimpse of information about the condition of charcoal exporters in Indonesia at 2019. Whatever the condition of exporting charcoal in Indonesia, Giri Mera is among the most stable exporters. One of the reasons is because we are located in Banjarmasin where many Halaban trees grow.

As we know Halaban is the best quality source of charcoal. Giri Mera will always prioritize quality the best charcoal provider in the Middle East countries. Also the domestic needs of our beloved country.

Charcoal Export From Indonesia

Measuring The Business Productivity Of Charcoal Export From Indonesia

Charcoal Export From Indonesia – A number of coal mining companies are diversifying into the power generation sector. In addition to increasing the added value of mining, the diversification effort. Also to explore other sources of income from selling mining products. In the past decade, coal prices have fluctuated. Especially since 2014, coal prices have continued to decline. Coal prices began to improve again in 2017.

Based on data from the Geological Agency, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) in 2018. Indonesia has 37 billion tons of coal with proven reserves of 20.11 billion tons and reserves of estimated 17.02 billion tons. The amount of reserves is up 12 billion tons compared to the previous year.

Our Warehosue, Charcoal Export From Indonesia

Even so, the amount of reserves is still around 2% of the total world reserves. In fact, Indonesia is still the world’s largest exporter of thermal coal.

If the average annual production is shared by 485 million tons, assuming there are no additional reserves. The age of Indonesian coal only 76 years left. However, the calculation does not take into account the economics of coal reserves.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Mining and Energy Forum (IMEF) Singgih Widagdo said that the period of coal utilization was ultimately very difficult to calculate. There are at least three factors that influence.

First, the quality of coal that can be mined. According to him, some types of coal may not have a market, so the reserves are not economical to mine. Second, the location of the mine. Third, the depth of the mine.

Now the question is not how long these reserves will run out. If all of them are mined, but how long can the company last? There could be only 5 years or 10 more years.

Therefore, is the coal business still prospective?

Hendra Sinadia, The Executive Director of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI). Is hopeful that coal is as yet forthcoming in the following couple of years. As per him, the advancement pattern of steam power plants is as yet running in a few nations, particularly ASEAN.

For the domestic market, coal is still the main choice as a primary energy source for electricity generation.

In light of the Electricity Supply Business Plan of PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) 2019-2028. In the following 10 years there will be an extra 56.4 gigawatts (GW) of intensity plants. A sum of 27,063 megawatts (MW) or 48% moved toward becoming PLTU apportions.

Of the additional capacity, there will be an increase in coal demand of more than 60 million tons to 153 million tons in 2028. This is a noteworthy sum considering the acknowledgment of coal requirements for power plants a year ago was as yet 91.1 million tons.

Some giant groups or companies in the coal mining sector are also very serious in the electricity business. One of the companies is Giri Mera.

According to him, when the plant has been operating. At least the first 5 years the company has not been able to get a profit. Because the funds are still used to return loans to third parties or banks. Only in the next 5 years, the company can obtain profits.

Economic growth and increasing population are opportunities for companies to decide to expand to the downstream sector, namely generation. Diversification into non-coal businesses has become a mining company’s strategy in the midst of business conditions. That are full of global uncertainty. So, if you want to find the best quality charcoal, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. +62 812 5033 7500

Indonesian Charcoal Factory

Giri Mera Charcoal, Best Indonesian Charcoal Factory

Indonesian Charcoal Factory – The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) noted that Indonesia’s coal reserves reached 37 billion tons in 2018. Of the total reserves, Giri Mera Charcoal Factory is included as one of the biggest coal producers and exporters in the republic.

The total production realization (with dozens of other coal companies) as of August 2018. Was 174.2 million tons from the planned 300 million tons, while exports reached 121 million tons from the target of 231 million tons.

giri mera location charcoal, Indonesian Charcoal Factory

Meanwhile, the mineral and coal sub-sector (mineral and coal) is still a significant contributor to state revenue. Recorded until June 2018, flows of Rp 20.1 trillion to the state treasury originating. From royalties, mining product sales, and fixed mineral contributions.

Indonesia is estimated to still dominate the coal export market in the next few decades. Far above other exporting countries such as Australia and Russia.

Based on data from IHS Markit, Indonesia is predicted to be the largest coal exporter until 2050. The volume has the potential to remain above 300 million tons per year.

Indonesia as the Best Charcoal Factory in the World

In terms of quality, coal with a lower middle calorie is still a mainstay of Indonesia with a percentage of around 90% of the total coal exported. The rest is high calorie coal.

Some countries are estimated to still be the main customers of coal from Indonesia. Such as China, India, Japan and South Korea, Vietnam is predicted to be one of the countries. With the greatest need for coal imports in the long run in line. With the massive plans to build a steam power plant there.

Chairperson of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association, Pandu Sjahrir. Said the development of renewable energy would be more widespread throughout the world. The price will be more competitive with the energy produced from coal.

However, he considered coal would still be one of the primary primary energy choices. This is indicated by the demand for coal in several countries that will still increase in the long run.

Someday renewable energy will indeed be as cheap as coal. That is not a problem because coal and renewable energy can stay together for the long term.

The Best Charcoal Factory in Indonesia

Among the many charcoal producing companies, why is it necessary to choose Giri Mera? It is because Giri Mera provides the best charcoal products in Indonesia. Indonesian Charcoal Factory is located right in Banjarmasin. As we know Banjarmasin is the biggest Halaban tree producer. That’s why the best charcoal is certainly produced by Giri Mera, as an Indonesian charcoal factory.

Quality is the number one thing we strive for. Every month we can produce 400 tons of Halaban charcoal best to meet customer needs. We do not play in producing charcoal for customer satisfaction. Our happiness is to satisfy customers by providing good quality charcoal.

The large amount of production must be in harmony with the quality provided, that is the key to our company. So don’t hesitate to ask about the types of charcoal we can produce and consult your needs with us.

Giri Mera also supports the government in increasing the production of charcoal for domestic needs. We believe that both exporting and domestic needs must be balanced. Providing adequate supplies for domestic needs is also a proof of our love for Indonesia. So, if you want to find the best quality charcoal, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. +62 812 5033 7500

Indonesian Charcoal Exporter High Quality

Indonesian Charcoal Exporter, The Benefits Of Charcoal And The Relation

Indonesian Charcoal Exporter – Although technology is increasingly sophisticated and world civilization has begun to develop rapidly, we cannot be separated from the things that are called traditional things. No need to go far, take charcoal as the simplest example. We cannot be separated from charcoal when we want to do fuel-burning activities. Maybe we can use a stove, but the taste we get is certainly different from the use of charcoal as a burning medium, right?

Indonesian Charcoal Exporter

The Benefits Of Charcoal

Now, speaking of charcoal, it turns out that this black object has many benefits for those of us who want to process it. Whether it’s for beauty or for health. This time we will give you tricks on how to use charcoal for beauty and health that you have never thought of before. What are those?

  1. Teeth Whitening

Maybe it’s a little weird when you know that charcoal can whiten your yellowed teeth. Apparently, the objects produced from burning wood contain alkali which can make the surrounding environment become alkaline. These alkaline levels can help the process of cleaning and whitening teeth.

The alkali content in charcoal turns out to be able to whiten teeth. Yes! your smile is more confident.

The way is easy enough. Mash the charcoal until smooth, then mix with toothpaste in a ratio of 2: 1. Well, after that pour in a toothbrush, and start rubbing as usual. For the record, no need to use toothpaste is not a problem.

Besides being useful for whitening teeth, charcoal can also make your bad breath go away. By rinsing with charcoal powder that has been dissolved in water. Simple, right? Initially your teeth will look all black, but after you rinse, you will get clean white teeth.

  1. Fragrant Body Odor

Have a problem with your annoying body odor? Relax, make a scrub from the charcoal stick.

Never mind bad breath, just your body odor can disappear only with charcoal! Do not believe? Try mashing the charcoal until it’s slightly smooth, resembling a scrub. Use the charcoal powder throughout the body, before bathing. Yes, like using ordinary scrubs. For results, no need to hesitate anymore. Your body odor is gone instantly!

  1. Facial Treatment

The charcoal mask was also good for facial treatment. Satisfying results at low prices.

For you who have lots of acne in your face, you can end your bad face career with charcoal, you know. With a charcoal mask, you can reduce pimples and black spots on your face.

The method is very easy, just puree the charcoal and mix it with aloe vera. Mix well. After that, apply on your face, and wait for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with clean water.

Use this charcoal mask regularly, at least once every two days for satisfying results.

  1. Healthy Benefits

By mixing charcoal powder and water, various diseases can be cured. Charcoal, a small object with millions of benefits.

  • Besides being beneficial for beauty, it turns out that charcoal has other benefits for health. Detoxification or disposal of poisons, for example. Activated charcoal can eliminate toxins that are not needed in the body, such as from food and air pollution. This pollution can cause damage to body cells, imbalanced immunity, premature aging, and skin allergies.
  • Activated charcoal can also save you from flatulence and prolonged diarrhea, you know! Flatulence and diarrhea due to wind or certain foods, you can relieve your pain with charcoal. The decomposition process of bacteria in the body that causes bloating or diarrhea can be neutralized with activated carbon in the charcoal.
  • With charcoal tablets, you can free up cholesterol and your heart disease problems. By consuming charcoal tablets that have been rife for sale at pharmacies, you can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, heart, liver, and brain. From medical research that has been done, states that activated charcoal can reduce at least 25% cholesterol levels. And also help prevent hardening of the heart (sclerosis) and coronary arteries.

Well, those are some of the benefits of charcoal that would have never occurred to us before. So, believe, right, that little black object can provide many benefits?

In addition to the benefits above, charcoal also turns out to be the most sought-after export commodity, especially by Middle Eastern countries. And among the many exporters, Giri Mera is the most trusted Indonesian exporter producing Halaban charcoal, the best charcoal in Indonesia. So, if you want to find the best quality charcoal, don’t hesitate to Contact Us. +62 812 5033 7500

Halaban Charcoal Suppliers And Types Of Coal

Halaban Charcoal Suppliers And Types Of Coal

Halaban Charcoal Suppliers And Types Of Coal

The famous type of mining product is coal. We often hear coal. Coal in ancient times was used as railroad fuel. Charcoal is a multifunctional mining product. Coal is also a raw material for making plastics, for home-based small-scale fuels. Wood substitutes, and long-term fuel for power plants. Coal is formed from the remnants of ancient plants that eventually buried and settled in the soil layer for millions of years. Therefore coal is also called a fossil stone. Among the many coal suppliers in Indonesia, Halaban Charcoal Suppliers is the most sought after.

Halaban Charcoal Suppliers Indonesia

Types Of Coal

Before we find out who Halaban Charcoal Suppliers is, it helps us to get to know more about the types of coal. Coal has several categories based on the carbon element contained in the coal. The more black coal is, the more carbon there is. Based on the carbon content also, coal has several types such as:

  • Anthracite, namely the smell of embers which has an carbon content of 86% to 98.
  • Bitu minus, namely coal which has a carbon content of 68% to 86% Sub-bituminus, ie coal which has only a little carbon content and more water content.
  • Lignite, namely coal which has carbon content as much as 35% to 75%. This type of coal has a brown color and is known to be soft and light.
  • Peat, this type of coal is porous and contains up to 75% water content.

Those are the types of coal that can be known, Indonesia is a country famous for it rich charcoal. Coal-producing regions are scattered in Indonesian regions such as Bukitasam in Tanjungenim, South Sumatra. Also Kotabaru or Pulau Laut in South Kalimantan, Berau River in Samarinda, East Kalimantan and Umbilin, whose centers are in Sawahlunto, West Sumatra. Coal is also found in Bengkulu, West Java, Papua and also in South Sulawesi.

Best Of The Best Halaban Charcoal Suppliers

If we talk about best of the best of Halaban Charcoal’s trusted suppliers, the answer is exactly only Giri Mera.

Every month Giri Mera is able to produce 400 tons of charcoal. Not just ordinary charcoal, but Halaban charcoal, which is well-known and proven to have quality. Then there is no need to look elsewhere, Giri Mera is guaranteed to be the best Halaban Charcoal supplier.

With the strength of coal suppliers in Indonesia, especially Halaban Charcoal, is the coal business still prospective?

The Executive Director of the Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI) is optimistic that coal is still prospective in the future years. According to him, the development trend of steam power plants (PLTU) is still running in several countries, especially ASEAN.

For the domestic market, coal is still the main choice as a primary energy source for electricity generation.

In light of the Electricity Supply Business Plan (RUPTL) of PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) 2019-2028, in the following 10 years there will be an extra 56.4 gigawatts (GW) of intensity plants. A sum of 27,063 megawatts (MW) or 48% progressed toward becoming PLTU apportions.

Of the extra limit, there will be an expansion in coal request of in excess of 60 million tons to 153 million tons in 2028. This is a huge sum considering the acknowledgment of coal requirements for power plants a year ago was as yet 91.1 million tons. For further information purchasing and order Halaban charcoal suppliers, please contact us contact us now!  +62 812 5033 7500

Halaban Charcoal Indonesian Best Quality

Halaban Charcoal Indonesian Best Quality

Halaban Charcoal Indonesia – Coal is a dim dark colored burnable shake that is created when land and water plants aggregate and are covered during the geological age which is transmitted by warmth and weight. It requires some investment to frame a thick, wide coal store where the dirt sinks gradually.

As far as anyone knows, they are covered underground gradually while the dirt is submerged, sand covers it, and plants flourish with it. One of the biggest coal mineshafts in Indonesia is Halaban Charcoal Indonesia.

Halaban Charcoal Indonesia

The Halaban Charcoal Indonesia’s History

With respect to age of the age, mutiple/3 of the world’s coal ought to have framed during the Paleozoic time (around 5 to 2 million years prior). Where European, North American and Asian coal was beneath. the rest most likely shaped in the Mesozoic and Cainozoic times.

Most coal is thought to have framed in the Carbon Age in the paleozolic period (toward the part of the bargain time). Bracken, Sphenophyta, Lepidendrales, and Codeite are the principle plants which have a tallness of around 20 ~ 30m.

Solidifying starts when the shriveled plants are totally submerged in water, and the air is blocked. So the plants never again rust, and after that they get earth weight and warmth under the ground. Despite the fact that the reason for transmutation has not been set up. They express temperatures of a few tens to 200 ° C at a huge number of weights are ideal states of coalification.

Coal is basically made out of carbon, with little hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and inorganic issues. Most inorganic items are conveyed by underground water after sedimentation of the plant itself. Coal atoms have a high sub-atomic sort that structures monomeric sweet-smelling rings by and large.

This can be said to be anthracite or graphite as indicated by the degree of carbonization. That is associated with the carbon chain, and so forth in light of the fact that the monomer encases a low atom.

Why Halaban Charcoal Indonesia?

There are many coal mines in Indonesia, but Halaban Charcoal Indonesia is a reference for coal importers. Some reasons why coal from Halaban is sought after include:

  1. Clean

Halaban coal is recognized globally as an environmentally friendly energy source. Because of its extremely low sulfur content of 0.1% and low ash content of 2.5%.

  1. Save

Halaban Charcoal can greatly reduce costs, because it can be used without the flue gas desulfurization (FGD). Facilities needed to meet sulfur oxide (Sox) emission regulations. The low ash content contributes to the extension of the life of the power plant ash treatment facility. So that it affects by minimizing maintenance.

  1. Stable Supply

Coal Charcoal pays attention not only to the quality of coal, but also a stable supply of coal for its customers.

With the three reasons above, it is very natural that Halaban Charcoal Indonesia is one of the most sought after coal. If you are looking for the best Indonesian producer and exporter of Halaban Charcoal, Giri Mera is the answer. For further information purchasing and order Indonesian Halaban charcoal, please contact us contact us now!  +62 812 5033 7500

Hardwood Charcoal Indonesia to Middle East

Hardwood Charcoal Indonesia to Middle East

Hardwood charcoal Indonesia is one of the non-oil and gas export commodities made from wood-based materials. The wood charcoal is widely used as fuel for cooking purposes both for household, restaurant. Giri Mera is one of the companies that is able to supply Hardwood Charcoal Indonesia to many countries in the world.

Because of its good quality, Saudi Arabia even imported Indonesian wood charcoal worth US $ 197.8 thousand. This transaction was carried out after a Saudi Arabian importer visited one of the hardwood charcoal factories in South Kalimantan.

hardwood charcoal indonesia

The factory is indeed one of the producers of wood charcoal that actively participates in exhibitions initiated by ITPC Jeddah. This company has long produced international standard wood charcoal. The Saudi Arabian importer conducted a survey and field visit to see the charcoal processing factory facilities, storage areas and packaging.

Because the process of making charcoal has followed international standards. The Saudi Arabian businessman was immediately interested in importing hardwood charcoal Indonesia with monthly delivery of 40 High-cube (HC).

ITPC Jeddah gets a lot of requests from hotel and restaurant entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia about the wood charcoal commodity. The demand will increase even more during Ramadan, because the people of Saudi Arabia still maintain the traditional way of cooking.

Benefits Of Hardwood Charcoal Indonesia

  • Inhibitor of anticancer substances in the human body. Recent research, charcoal is transformed into an anticancer agent on the human body. This delivery system is more effective for the elimination of cancer and tumors and without side effects.
  • Charcoal is proven to be anti-aging and extends the life of 40% of experimental animals. That’s because charcoal maintains the body’s sensitivity from chemicals and poisons that damage body cells. Charcoal also balances fat metabolism, decreases the performance of protein synthesis that triggers aging, decreases RNA, inhibits arteriosclerosis and fibrosis. The recommended dosage of 30 grams per day is taken 2 times a week on an empty stomach.
  • Reducing cholesterol levels. A number of patients with high cholesterol who were given the consumption of 8 g of charcoal per day fell 25% of total cholesterol. 41% of bad LDL cholesterol (low density lipo-protein), and doubled the ratio of HDL/LDL cholesterol. That’s because the charcoal absorbs the heart block and launches coronary blood circulation. The trick, before mash the charcoal until smooth then mix with about 2 cups of water, then boil until it becomes 1 cup and then drink.
  • Toxic absorbent. Activated charcoal powder is one of the most effective drugs for stopping diarrhea. Activated charcoal powder may be used alone or in combination with drugs containing kaolin to stop diarrhea. In addition to eliminate toxins in dishes for those who are allergic to seafood, bias can be done by inserting sterilized charcoal into cooking.
  • Material for making clothes, blankets etc. Charcoal is able to release ultra-infrared rays that warm the body. It improves blood circulation, releases negative ions which balance energy in the body, and works on the parasympathetic system as a calm mind and body. Charcoal threads are antimicrobial, absorb odors better, and dispel radiation from electromagnetic waves that destroy cells.
  • Fertilizer/fertilizer plant. Charcoal converts water trapped in the soil into mineral water because it binds to charcoal minerals. Charcoal also binds to nutrients in the air such as nitrogen which causes the pH in the soil to remain neutral. Besides being rich in mineral charcoal is also antibacterial and several types of plant-fertilizing acids.

The Advantages Of Charcoal From Firewood

  • Faster to become embers, compared to firewood.
  • Don’t cause too much smoke.
  • The combustion process will be faster, if compared to using firewood.
  • The price is affordable.

With all of these benefits and advantages, is it worth it to increase the interest of Indonesian hardwood charcoal?

Best Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer

Best Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer

Best Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer – The coal company PT. GIRI GIRI MERA diversified its business after acquiring two coal mining companies some time ago. This business diversification, in addition to focusing on coal or thermal coal, also on coking coal or coking coal.

A year ago, Giri Mera began acquiring the coking coal mining company and Australian coal mining company BHP Billiton. Giri Mera’s Managing Director Mr. Mera said this step was a form of Giri Mera’s diversification from other coal companies. This company used to focus only on existing thermal coal and is used for power generation, cement, and soon. The point is that thermal coal is taken from heat for energy.

Our Warehosue, Best Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer

As for coking coal, it is used for the steel industry. So with this development, Giri Mera Energy can become a supplier of coking coal for the steel industries in Indonesia. The businessman, said that the other reason was to develop the coking coal business. Namely, because in the region of South Kalimantan found reserves of world quality coke coal.

Previously, Giri Mera’s Head of Corporate Communication Mr. Mera said, since 2018 specifically for coking coal production. It is targeted to be around 1 million tons. There has been no additional production compared to last year, and also for the upcoming 2019.

Coking coal was an important material for steel making. Therefore, this coking coal will be exported to Middle East, Europe and Japan and more Countries. In fact, there are also for domestic needs. Giri Mera Director Mr. Mera said, for the development of coking coal, the company prepared 40 percent of the company’s total capital expenditure, or worth 100 million US dollars – 150 million US dollars. The funds derived from internal cash will be used for the development of the asset infrastructure and exploration.

Cooperation Of Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer With Middle East

Mr. Mera also explained that the acquisition of countres of Middle East mining company. Was carried out to bring about a reciprocal relationship between Middle East and Indonesia. Our vision is that one day we will learn from an Australian mine which is already more advanced than us from an operational standpoint. On the other hand, anything we can contribute, from our CSR experience can be contributed charcoal in Middle East.

For your information, in March 2018 Giri Mera and EMR Capital, a private equity management company in the mining sector, signed a binding agreement to acquire 80 percent of Rio Tinto’s shares in the Kestrel coke coal mine (Kestrel). The acquisition value of Rio Tinto’s shares in the Kestrel coking coal mine is 2.25 billion US dollars or equivalent to Rp 30.91 trillion (assuming an exchange rate of Rp 13,741 per US dollar).

Later, Giri Mera and EMR will jointly manage and operate Kestrel by utilizing EMR’s experience in acquisitions and mining operations. In 2016, Giri Mera Best Indonesia Charcoal Manufacturer. Also acquired 75 percent of the IndoMet Coal Project (IMC) from BHP Billiton with a value of 120 million US dollars. The IMC consists of seven CCOWs located in South Kalimantan with a total resource of 1.27 billion tons. After being acquired, the asset was named Giri Mera Companies.

5 Reasons Why Should Buy Charcoal From Indonesia

5 Reasons Why Should Buy Charcoal From Indonesia

Buy Charcoal From Indonesia – Indonesia is currently listed as the largest coal exporter in the world. Around 80% of coal dredged from the bowels of the earth is sent to a number of other countries such as Middle East, India, Japan and Europe.

The high coal export is due to the low absorption of coal in the domestic market. For example, out of 400 million tons of coal produced, domestic needs are only 65 million tons.

As a result, even though it only occupies the position of the third largest coal production, Indonesia is able to hold the title of topnotch exporter of coal in the world.

Like supermarkets, all types of coal from low to high quality exist in Indonesia. Indonesia’s strategic position also makes buyers more comfortable buying coal from Indonesia because shipping costs are cheaper.

Buy Charcoal From Indonesia

Reasons To Buy Charcoal From Indonesia

  1. Have Adequate Coal Reserves

According to experts, the amount of coal resources in Indonesia is around 168 billion tons, while proven reserves are 28 billion tons.

  1. Spread Location

The largest coal mining location in Indonesia is between South Kalimantan. The rest is a little in Sumatera , Sulawesi , Irian Jaya , a little in Java.

  1. One Of The Largest Coal Producers

In this world there are only 5-6 countries that produce coal. The first largest is Middle East with 3.6 billion tons, but all of them are used domestically because they have huge needs.

In second place, the United States produced around 800 million-1 billion tons. Production is mostly used domestically, only a few are exported. Third Indonesia has a production level of 400 million tons, but most of its production is exported.

So Indonesia, why is it said that the biggest exports are not production. We are noted as the largest thermal coal exporter. Australia has the biggest cooking coal.

  1. Its Location Is Near

Actually, the superiority of Indonesian coal is not quality but proximity, Indonesia is very close to the growing breath of Asia, they easily buy quickly. Incidentally the quality trend is also medium to lower, cheaper prices so demand is fast,

  1. Coal Supermarket

It’s own weakness is because the quality of Indonesian coal is like a supermarket, from the best to the worst there. The most middle to poor quality. If Australia is consistent in medium and good calorie coal production, the price is above.

The disadvantage in Indonesia is that if someone asks for high quality, we don’t have a large quantity. Although many countries want to buy charcoal from Indonesia, export restrictions are imposed. The restriction must not be taken negatively and the government can do this.

Arrested by people who want to expand their production this year to 40 million tons, next year they want to produce 50 million tons, just hold 42 million tons, so that demand is high and prices will increase and this is one of the things we plan to do at the Global Coal Summit, how do we outsmart? this situation.

Export restriction policy will also have many benefits because it is related to the law of supply and demand. If too many are thrown into the market the price will definitely continue to be low. So we need this limitation, so that more and more countries are buying charcoal from Indonesia.

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